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Are you selling your car in Brisbane? Want to sell it fast and get a good deal?

Cars4us is the solution to your ‘buy my car Brisbane’ problem. 

We buy used cars in Brisbane and offer the most trustworthy car selling service in Australia. Get in touch with us to sell your car in Brisbane with a same-day inspection, payment and transfer. Learn more about what motivated us to start and run this business as we do.

Fast, Straightforward Service

When you want to sell your car in Brisbane, you don’t have to go through a long-drawn-out and often complicated process. Modern technology and legal advances have made it easier so that you can sell your car on the same day. 

At Cars4us, we leverage the power of technology and a vast network of industry experts to accomplish a same-day car sale. Fill in a simple form and request your free valuation. We will get back to you on the same day to organise an inspection instantly.

How about you get a free, same-day valuation of your car? We buy cars in Brisbane and have the resources available to accomplish the sale within the same day, including payment.

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Unbeatable Pricing

People can often spend 4 months or more to sell their vehicles, and with Cars4us you can skip the lengthy and frustrating dealership process. Our best price guarantee is about giving you the best deal for your car, and pay you more money than any dealer. Talk to us to sell your used car in Brisbane. 

As life-long car lovers, we would never dishonour a good car by giving it a poor valuation. We will give a free, same-day, honest valuation of your car.

When you are at the point of ‘sell my car in Brisbane’, do it through Cars4us. We have the best deal for you in Australia and a fast frustration-free process. 

Get Your Free Inspection and Valuation Today, Sell Your Car in Brisbane

As part of our commitment to give unbeatable services, we offer you a hassle-free, expedited and highly efficient process to help you sell your car in Brisbane. We do all the hard work involving inspection, transfers, payment and pickup.

Do you want to sell your car in Brisbane? It’s simple enough. Request your free inspection today. Once our representative gets back to you, we will organise same-day inspection and even get you paid the same day!

At Cars4us, we handle all the expenses involved with selling your car in Brisbane. At the end of the day, what you see is what you get. We are straightforward and give you the best service to sell your used car in Brisbane.

Book your car inspection right now and we will come to you. With Cars4us, you can sell your car the same-day whilst getting the best deal on your used car in Brisbane.
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Why Sell Your Car to Cars4us?

Why Sell Your Car to Cars4us?

With hundreds of car buying companies operating in Greater Sydney and right across Brisbane, why do more car owners book a free car valuation and sell their late-model vehicles to Cars4us than any other? It’s simple — we work hard for our great reputation and all our team members pride ourselves on delivering a car buying service that’s:


No Waiting! Same day quote, same day inspection and same day payment


We come to you: We do all the work, including inspection, registration, transfer, payment & pickup


Get trusted experts: No more unknown private callers, car dealers or questionable mechanics


Need your car for longer? We’ll even work around your car pick-up timing

Best Price

Get the best price: We pay more than the dealer


Get peace of mind: With our trusted service and best price guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once we agree on the price and have verified the documents, we initialise the payment immediately. You can have your money on hand in an hour. At the latest, you get your payment by the end of the day. We always buy used cars in Brisbane using a fast, easy, safe, and stress-free process.

Once every procedure is carried out and we are clear to take the car, we will remove it immediately. Our service is always prompt, and we will get your car on the same day. That is, so long as there is no hold-up.

Selling your car in Brisbane doesn’t have to be difficult. At Cars4us, we buy most vehicles on Australian roads, including Subarus, Jeeps, Hondas, BMWs, Toyotas, Mercedes Benz, Audis, Lexus, Hyundais, Mitsubishis, and more. From affordable cars to luxury models, we offer great deals on a huge selection of vehicles. Unlike many local car dealerships, we are not limited to certain makes, models, or price ranges.

However, despite our inclusive business model and huge buying power, we do not buy all vehicles. If you have a pre-2006 model with more than 180,000 km on the clock, we have to say “no.” While we do buy older cars and are happy to purchase later models with heavy mileage, we can’t buy your car if it falls into both of these categories.

However, we are interested in vintage cars and collector’s models. So even if you’ve got an older car, make sure you get in touch — you never know what might be of interest to our team! 

If you want to sell your car at a great price, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of inspectors will provide you with a quote and visit your address to see your car in person. From inner-city Brisbane to the coast and outer-west, we are the number one car buying service in south-east Queensland.

The Cars4us process is based on the following steps:

If you want to sell your car at an unbeatable price, just follow these steps:

  1. Initial contact

     — Simply fill out the online form or call us directly on 1300 26 26 85 for an immediate response. We’ll ask some questions about your car, including the mileage, make, and year model. Once we have some information, we will give you an accurate valuation based on known market variables rather than automated quotes.

  2. Same-day inspection

     — We come directly to your home or work address to inspect your car in person. We have people working across Brisbane and South-East Queensland, with same-day inspection possible in most situations. Once we have seen the car, we will make you a final offer.

  3. Same-day payment

     — Once a final price has been offered and agreed upon, we will start the payment process. We use the fast and secure OSKO payment system, with money typically hitting your bank account within minutes. It’s never been easier to sell a car

  4. No paperwork

     — Private car sales can be risky, time-consuming, and stressful. At Cars4us, we take care of the details, with all relevant paperwork filled in and submitted on your behalf. From the registration transfer to the roadworthy certificate (RWC), we’ve got your back.

Cars4us is an Australian business with a true nationwide presence. We have offices in every Australian state and territory and local teams dotted across the country. You make first contact via our online portal or phone number, and we send our people directly to your door. Finding someone to buy your car has never been easier.

If you want to sell your car in Queensland, we’re here to assist. We visit locations up and down the east coast, and we regularly head west into the heartland of Australia. Whether you’re selling a Holden in Gympie or a Citroen in Cairns, we offer great prices across the sunshine state.

We carry out inspections in the Gold Coast, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, Beenleigh, Toowoomba, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Emerald, and Mount Isa. If you live somewhere else in Queensland, we are more than happy to visit your address and offer you a great deal.

Along with Brisbane and regional Queensland, we have teams working across Australia. From the large capital cities of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to small country towns, from east coast to west, we have got you covered. Just contact us online or via the phone and we will take care of the rest. We will offer you an initial quote over the phone and follow up with a final offer once we’ve seen the car. Once a price has been settled, the funds will be transferred to your account immediately.

Why choose Cars4us?

If you need to sell your car in Brisbane or elsewhere in Australia, we are waiting for your call. As Australia’s trusted car buying service, you can rely on us for great prices, reliable customer service, and friendly support before and after the sale. We offer a best price guarantee on all sales, and we will usually beat an offer made by a commercial vendor or car dealership. We even take care of the paperwork so you can avoid the confusion and risk that come with a private sale.

If you’ve been searching for someone to buy your car, your wait is finally over. Please review our FAQs to learn more about our services, or contact our team to sell your car today.

The vehicle registration certificate (rego) takes only a few minutes to complete. Once everything is in order and you submit your documents, it only takes a short while to transfer the rego to the new owner, with no additional costs for you. 

No, Cars4us is a licensed motor trade, therefore sellers are not required to provide pink slip or RWC when sold to Cars4us. 

No problem! We can arrange for you to hold onto your car for a week more if you wish. It doesn’t matter the reason why just reach out to us and let us know that you want to ‘sell my car in Brisbane.’

If you have more questions you would like to ask, please visit our comprehensive FAQs page.