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David PMill Park, Vic

Selling my car was made so easy by the team at Cars4Us. They came to me, offered a fair price and even paid upfront before picking it up at their own expense. 5 stars!!!

Gareth KErskineville, NSW

I enquired to sell my car through Cars4Us and was hesitant, but to my surprise, the price they offered was great and so were the people. It's rare to find someone you feel like you can trust when selling a car, but I definitely found that person in Cars4Us! Quick and easy process.

Sharmini PAnnerley, QLD

I work long hours in the day and with
3 teenagers to deal with after-hours, I always knew selling my car wasn't going to be easy. I was completely wrong! Cars4Us made the sale incredibly easy for me and paid the same day! Thank you so much Cars4Us.

If you want to sell your Subaru in Australia, you may be focused on two things. First — you want to get the best value possible, and second — you want to do this with a minimum of hassle. Cars4Us is on the same page, and as we have branches spread throughout the country, we are ready to help you today.

Early appraisal

As you sell your Subaru for cash, you’ll want to work with a company that can appraise your vehicle and give you top dollar. We have a great deal of experience here and have bought many Subarus similar to yours. We use top-notch technology to help us value your vehicle so that you can sell your Subaru online to us with confidence. We’ll aim to get you cash on the same day wherever possible.

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Latest technology

To help us achieve these goals, we’ve invested in some great technology and have positioned a network of experts around the country. We’re waiting for your call or online enquiry and We will start the clock ticking as soon as that happens. We will then bring all of the company’s resources to bear so that we can complete the agreement to your satisfaction and get you on your way.

The clock is ticking

Many people phone us and ask, “should I sell my Subaru online today, or is it going to take a great deal of time?” We understand that you want to get this taken care of now and do not want to wait weeks or even months. As we have a specific process to follow, we know that we can keep waiting time to a minimum, and what’s more, we will typically pay you more money than any other local dealers.

What is the step-by-step process involved when you buy my Subaru?

  1. Sell your Subaru online to us by filling out the online form here.
  2. If you’d rather not start the process on the internet, call us on 1 300 262685 instead. You can talk to one of our friendly advisors who will guide you.
  3. The next step is to conduct a free inspection to assess your vehicle so that we can calculate the best possible return.
  4. If you agree with our calculations, we will arrange to pay the cash into your bank, and often in less than one day.
  5. Don’t worry about the paperwork, as we will handle it, including the rego transfer. If you like, we will pick up the car from your location as well.

Why we are different

We are not the same as any other conventional dealer, and much of this is due to our founder’s passion. He set out a goal to make Cars4Us the natural choice for anyone looking to sell their Subaru as efficiently as possible. He made sure that he equipped the company with an experienced team and the best technology to craft a better deal for you. This is why we can give you the best possible deal on Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Mercedes and a host of other manufacturers as well.

Remember, the valuation is free, so to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible, call us or go online. And remember, you do not have to give out your number or invite any strangers into your home.

Why Sell Your Car to Cars4Us?

With hundreds of car buying companies operating in Australia, why do more car owners book a free car valuation and sell their late-model vehicles to Cars4Us than any other? It’s simple — we work hard for our great reputation and all our team members pride ourselves on delivering a car buying service that’s:


Why wait?
We offer same day quotes, same day inspections and same day payments.


Need your car for a little longer?
We’ll work around your schedule to make it super-easy for you.


Leave it all to us:
We take care of everything —inspection, registration transfer, payment & pickup.


We offer the best prices:
Cars4Us offers better prices than anyone else!


Our service provides peace of mind:
No need to give out your number or have strangers visit your home.


We’re trusted car buyers:
Hundreds of car owners trust our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

🚗 How long does payment take once all the documents have been submitted?

If we can, we will get money to you within an hour, but in any case, we will complete the process as quickly as feasible. We need to check all the documents and, of course, agree on the price with you before we give instructions to the bank. In almost every situation, you will get the money before the end of that day, and we aim to make this safe, quick and straightforward.

🚗 When do you collect my Subaru?

We simply have to agree on the terms and make sure that all the paperwork is in order, but once that is complete, we will remove the car right away. We know that you may need the space at home and, ideally, will pick it up that very day, all else being equal.

🚗 Are there any Subarus you don’t buy?

Unlike some other dealerships, we will be glad to strike a deal with you, no matter what model of Subaru you own. Give us all the details when you get in touch with us, and we will give you a quote for you to consider.

🚗 Where are you located?

We have representation through all states and territories. We will buy your Subaru in Victoria, Western Australia, ACT, Tasmania or the Northern Territory, and a Cars4Us representative is standing by the phone, or waiting for your message. You can also find us in these locations: New South Wales, Queensland, or South Australia.

🚗 When does the rego get transferred?

This part of the transaction is simple and will only take a few minutes for us to deal with. Once we receive all your documents, we will then transfer ownership and fill in all the paperwork. You won’t have to worry about any additional cost either.

🚗 Do I need a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC)?

As a licensed motor trader, you do not need to provide us with the Roadworthy Certificate, a.k.a. RWC, if you do not have it. Ordinarily, you would have to give this document to the new owner during a private sale, but you are not obliged to do so when you sell your Subaru to Cars4Us.

🚗 What if I want to keep my Subaru for another week?

 No need to give us any details. Just let your representative know that you would like to hang on to your Subaru for another seven days. In fact, we quite often get a seller on the phone who tells us – “I’d love to sell my Subaru to you, but I need it for an additional week.” Just inform us and we’ll take care of it.

You might want to check out our FAQs if you have other questions, but otherwise, please get in touch with us today for your Subaru valuation!

We buy cars of all makes and models in Australia*

* No older than 2006 with less than 180,000km

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