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Sell Your Car the Easy Way on the Gold Coast

Have you ever thought, “I want to sell my car in Gold Coast,” but you are not sure how? If that is you, then the good news is that you have come to the right place. You may want to purchase a new car that is newer or bigger. Maybe you no longer need a car, which means that trading your car in is not an option. Or it could be that you want to sell my car on Gold Coast because you need the money for something else.

Whatever your reasons are, we are here to help. Here at Cars4Us, you can sell your car in the Gold Coast. You can sell your car for cash here on Gold Coast, and you may even make more money than you think.

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4. Deal Done

We take care of everything, from rego transfer and payment to pickup!

David PMill Park, Vic

Selling my car was made so easy by the team at Cars4Us. They came to me, offered a fair price and even paid upfront before picking it up at their own expense. 5 stars!!!

Gareth KErskineville, NSW

I enquired to sell my car through Cars4Us and was hesitant, but to my surprise, the price they offered was great and so were the people. It's rare to find someone you feel like you can trust when selling a car, but I definitely found that person in Cars4Us! Quick and easy process.

Sharmini PAnnerley, QLD

I work long hours in the day and with
3 teenagers to deal with after-hours, I always knew selling my car wasn't going to be easy. I was completely wrong! Cars4Us made the sale incredibly easy for me and paid the same day! Thank you so much Cars4Us.

Sell My Car Gold Coast

Are you thinking, “How can I sell my car on the Gold Coast?” It’s a question we hear a lot, and Cars4Us is the solution. As Queensland’s most trusted car buying service, we buy all makes and models at unbeatable cash prices. We pay more than the dealership.

Arranging to sell your car on the Gold Coast doesn’t have to be complicated. At Cars4Us, we make the process easy. Get your free valuation today with our simple online form or give us a call to get started. We’re committed to same-day callbacks, inspection and payment, so you won’t be waiting for people to buy your car in the south of Brisbane.

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Sell Your Car on the Gold Coast for More Money

Most car owners want to know, how much can I get when I sell my car for cash on the Gold Coast? Cars4Us has the answer you want to hear. We offer you a great price and a free inspection, so you walk away with more money! At these sort of prices coupled with extreme convenience, selling your car on the Gold Coast couldn’t be easier.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more about our incredibly easy and efficient car selling process for cars on the Gold Coast.

  • Same Day Inspections and Payments – Are you wondering can Cars4Us quickly buy my car on the Gold Coast? It doesn’t take a long time to complete the entire process. Cars4Us offers a straightforward experience with same-day inspections and payments. Get your payment within 24 hours and it’s a done deal. We handle all the other details, including rego transfer and pick up at no extra cost.
  • Done Deal, Sorted – We’re always here to guide you through our super-easy four-step process so if you’re wondering “‘I need to sell my car fast!’” then we’ve got you covered. Cars4Us always strives to ensure you get the very best car selling experience possible.
  • Best Price Guarantee – Cars4Us is proud to be Australia’s most trusted car buying service. We have paired the latest technology with our simplified way of how you sell your car. It’s backed up by a guarantee that ensures you’re getting the best price.

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Why Sell Your Car on the Gold Coast with Cars4Us?

When you are looking to sell my car on the Gold Coast, there be plenty of options, but how can you know which one is best? When you look to sell privately, you run the risk of it taking a long time or things not going to plan. Should you want to trade your car in, you are left getting less money than your car is worth.

Instead, why not sell your used car in Gold Coast with Cars4Us? We make the process easy and give you great options that work for you. Firstly, we know how important it is to get a great price for your car, which is why we will offer you more than your trade-in value.

However, just like a trade-in, we offer you a quick and convenient way to sell your car with none of the hassles of selling privately, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you are looking for a way to sell my car today in Gold Coast, we offer you a quick and convenient way to do that, and you can get paid within 24 hours. We offer same-day quotes and inspections of your vehicle so that we can offer you a fair price. If you want to sell my car for cash in Gold Coast, there is no easier way.

Once we have agreed on a price with you and inspected your car, we will pay you your money and arrange the pickup of the vehicle. To make the process as smooth as possible for you, we take care of all the paperwork, so you are free to spend your money how you wish.

Sell My Car in Gold Coast

If you are looking for someone to buy my car in Gold Coast, Cars4Us is your first option. You can sell any make or model of used car here on Gold Coast with us. As part of our conditions, we ask that your car is no older than 2006 and that it has done no more than 180,000 km.

Should you want to sell a car in Gold Coast, fill out our online form today or give us a call, and you will have the cash before you know it.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
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Why Choose Us


Why do more Queenslanders choose Cars4Us to ‘buy my car?’ than any other car buyer in the Sunshine State? We make it easy for all QLD car owners to get honest car valuations and sell used late-model cars for a great price. Our trusted four-step car buying process is:


Why wait?
We offer same day quotes, same day inspections and same day payments.


Need your car for a little longer?
We’ll work around your schedule to make it super-easy for you.


Leave it all to us:
We take care of everything —inspection, registration transfer, payment & pickup.


We offer the best prices:
Cars4Us offers better prices than anyone else!


Our service provides peace of mind:
No need to give out your number or have strangers visit your home.


We’re trusted car buyers:
Hundreds of car owners trust our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the most common questions people are asking about “how to sell my car online on the Gold Coast?” With every detail you need to know, keep reading for the answers. Or call a Cars4Us representative today to get started.

🚗 How Long Does Payment Take Once All the Documents Have Been Submitted?

One of the perks of using Cars4Us is our quick payment system. Don’t wait weeks for the money to hit your bank account when you can get paid straight away. We offer same-day payments through the OSKO system. Funds are cleared and deposited into your account in less than a minute, and all major banking institutions and most smaller banks can process this type of payment.

🚗 When Do You Collect the Car?

We organise pickup so you don’t have to. We come to you to collect your car, wherever you live or work. We have the resources to collect the next business day. And we only come once funds have been deposited into your account. As experts in the car buying industry, we strive to make it as easy as possible to sell your car, which is why we work around your schedule and collect the car when you’re ready.

🚗 Are There Any Cars You Don't Buy?

Cars4Us buys all make and models around Australia. Unlike dealerships who stick to their respective brands or choose what they want whilst kicking the price on the rest, we value every car like it’s the last in the country.

🚗 Where Are You Located?

You can find us right across Australia. Proudly founded in Queensland, we have an office and experienced team right here on the Gold Coast. We operate out of every state and have offices in most major cities. No matter where you’re located, we come to you at no cost. Just fill in your location on your enquiry form, and we take it from there. Whenever you’re arranging to ‘sell my car fast’, Cars4Us is your best bet!

🚗 When does the rego get transferred?

You can take rego transfers off your to-do list, as we handle this at our own cost. Thanks to modern technology and simplified car registration procedure, we usually do it immediately after the sale is successful. It’s just another way that Cars4Us goes above and beyond to ensure you have an excellent experience selling your car on the Gold Coast.

🚗 Do I need an RWC?

No, Cars4Us holds a license as a motor vehicle trader, so you can sell your car to us without the need for a pink slip or a RWC. You don’t have to waste precious time jumping through hoops to get rid of your car, as we handle all of those details for you. Selling cars of all makes and models has never been quicker than with Cars4Us.

🚗 What if I want to keep my car for another week?

Often Gold Coast residents selling their car need to keep it for a few days. Notify us of the best collection date, and our specialist car sales team can make it happen. Arrange alternative transportation and figure out your next car purchase without stress and urgency.

Here at Cars4Us, we pride ourselves on being extremely flexible and lovely to work with. That’s why we offer convenient pick up after the deal is wrapped up. Get all the paperwork out of the way and make arrangements that suit your preferred collection schedule.

🚗 How do I know I'm getting the best deal?

Cars4Us started with one mission in mind: to revolutionise the car buying industry with an innovative online option that takes the hassle out of selling your car. The days when the best way to sell your car was to haggle with a car dealer or advertise online are long passed.

Our services are backed by our Best Price Guarantee. As Australia’s most trusted car buying service, we pay more than the dealer and we’re extremely competitive in the marketplace because we want your pre-owned cars and we’re all about being fair.

We work with Australians who want to sell their cars for what they’re worth and enjoy world-class customer service. Whether you’ve sold a car before, or it’s your first time, we’re here to help and make this process the best it can be.

Like what you hear and ready to get started? Cars4Us will guide you through the four-step car selling process. Submit your free valuation today and let’s discuss your vehicle.

Sell your car fast! Get your free valuation today!