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Well, you’re on the right site to do it! At Cars4Us, make the process fast, convenient, and trustworthy. We know our customers usually need a quick and reliable service immediately, and we aren’t here to take advantage of that urgency. We haven’t become one of the best “buy my car” businesses in the ACT without building trust with our customers. So, you can rest assured that we don’t make things quick by compromising at your expense.

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I Want to Sell My Car for Cash, Fast, in the ACT

When you fill out the valuation form in order for us to buy your used car, we will call you back the same day. When you agree to the sale, we pay you the same day. When we send the funds, they almost always arrive on the same day. And when we schedule pickup, we collect on whichever day suits you, up to a week after the sale. Everything that’s meant to be fast is fast, and everything meant to be convenient is convenient.

Living without a car in the ACT can be tough, especially if you’re a busy person. Selling a car in the ACT should be the easy part. What do you say?

The Makes and Models We Buy

We’re not picky when we buy a car in the ACT. As long as your vehicle is from 2006 or newer, has less than 180,000 kilometres, and has the right number of tyres and a working engine, we’re satisfied. The brands are irrelevant; we accept all brands and have no particular relationship with any of them. In other words, the price we offer you won’t be fairer based on what make or model your car is; we offer the best price for your particular vehicle regardless of its brand and model.

Still Have Some Errands? Sell Anyway; We’ll Take Our Time Collecting

If you need the money from a car sale but still need the car for a few days, that’s no problem for us. We pay the same day, but we’re not fussy about collecting right away. We can work around your schedule to collect when it’s convenient for you, and we can come by up to a week after the sale if you need the time.

On the other hand, if you’re eager for us to take the car off your hands, we can take the car the very next day instead. Whichever you prefer, we never collect the car before you’ve received your payment. Even if it’s already on its way, we wait until you have the funds in your account before picking the car up.

Instant Valuation, Sell Right Afterwards

We heard you say, “I want to sell my car in the ACT fast. We didn’t hear you say, “But I’m happy to wait for a quote.” There’s no waiting involved with us. We can price your car on the very first call we have with you. That price will always beat any the dealerships can offer. Even if you choose not to sell to us, we guarantee that with our valuation you’ll know exactly how much your car is worth, so no one else can lowball you.

If you’d like us to buy your car and start the process, simply fill out the valuation form or call the number above. We’re here to help. We are not only available on ACT, but we are also ready to buy your car in Tasmania, Victoria, and all the other states.

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* No older than 2006 with less than 180,000km

Sell your car in ACT fast!

We buy cars ACT-wide

Are you looking for someone to ‘buy my car’ in the ACT? If you’re trying to sell a car anywhere in the ACT and you don’t like the idea of dealing with dodgy car dealers and mechanics, giving out your phone number or having strangers contact you at home, Cars4Us is for you. We buy late-model cars Australia-wide and have a trusted four-step process that makes it easy for you to get the best price for your car. So, the next time you’re wondering how to ‘sell my car’ in ACT, call Cars4Us on 0412 599 139 or fill out the above form to book a free car valuation. We buy cars ACT-wide:

How it Works

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3. Get Paid the Same Day

You’ll get paid into your bank account within 24 hours.

4. Get It Sorted!

We take care of everything — rego transfer, payment & pickup.

David PMill Park, Vic

Selling my car was made so easy by the team at Cars4Us. They came to me, offered a fair price and even paid upfront before picking it up at their own expense. 5 stars!!!

Gareth KErskineville, NSW

I enquired to sell my car through Cars4Us and was hesitant, but to my surprise, the price they offered was great and so were the people. It's rare to find someone you feel like you can trust when selling a car, but I definitely found that person in Cars4Us! Quick and easy process.

Sharmini PAnnerley, QLD

I work long hours in the day and with
3 teenagers to deal with after-hours, I always knew selling my car wasn't going to be easy. I was completely wrong! Cars4Us made the sale incredibly easy for me and paid the same day! Thank you so much Cars4Us.

Cars4Us — ACT’s most trusted car buying service

If you’re like many car owners who’ve wondered how they’ll find someone to ‘buy my car’ in ACT without having to hit up every car dealer in town trying to get an honest car valuation, there’s no need to wonder anymore! Cars4Us makes the car selling process easy from start to finish, and we’re proud of our great reputation as ACT’s most trusted car buying service. Whatever the make and model, as long as it’s no older than 2006 and has less than 180,000 km, we’ll offer you a great price for your car. We’ve helped thousands of Aussie car owners with our same-day car buying service and we look forward to helping you. When you’re ready to sell your car in ACT, call Cars4Us!

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Why Choose Cars4Us?


Cars4Us is dedicated to providing car owners in ACT and Australia-wide with a trusted and super-easy car buying service that ensures you get a great experience and the very best price for your car. With Cars4Us, you’ll never have to wonder how to ‘sell my car’ or who’ll ‘buy my car’ in ACT for a price you’re happy to accept ever again. We promise to provide a car buying service that’s:


There’s no need to wait!
Same day service — quote, inspection and payment on the same day!


Need a flexible pickup time?
No worries — we’re happy to work around your schedule.


No fuss:
We come to you and do all the work— inspection, rego transfer, payment & pickup.


Get the best price for your car:
We pay top dollar for your car — why settle for less?


Australia’s trusted car buyers:
We’re proud of our reputation and won’t do anything to compromise it!


Our service provides peace of mind:
Cars4Us offers a trusted best price guarantee.

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