How long does payment take once all the documents have been submitted?

Payment is same day. We use a payment system called OSKO which deposits the funds cleared in under a minute.  All major banks and the majority of smaller ones accept this payment system.

When do you collect the car?

Collection is usually the next business day AND only when funds have cleared your account.

Is there any cars you don’t buy?

We buy most cars no older than 2006 and less than 180,000kms but will make the exception if the car is still of good value or a diesel engine.

Where are you located?

We operate out of every state in Australia and have offices in most capital cities. Regardless, we come to you wherever you are at no cost.

When does the rego get transferred?

We take the car out of your name when the funds have been deposited. Again, we take care of this at our own cost.

Do I need a RWC?

No, we are a licensed motor trader and you are not required to provide any pink slip or RWC when you sell to us.

What if I want to keep my car for another week?

That’s fine, let’s wrap up the deal straight away and we make arrangements that suit your preferred collection schedule.