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The most common pitfalls of selling a car online revealed.

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Cars4us – Australia’s most trusted car buying service

Providing free used car valuations and buying late-model cars nationwide, Cars4us is Australia’s most trusted car buying service and the best option when you need someone to ‘buy my car fast!’ With Cars4us, the days when the best way to sell your car was to go to a local car dealer or advertise in a classified to find a private buyer are long gone — we’ll give you a great price for your car on the spot.

Whenever you’re looking for an easy and profitable way to ‘sell my car fast’, Cars4us is your best bet! Need an instant quote? No problem — complete the quick fill form or call 1300 26 26 85 and we’ll give you a great quote right away!

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Welcome to the Easiest Way to Sell a Car Online

Ever heard the horror stories that come out of online marketplaces? You’ll find some truly odd or unpleasant folks while trying to buy or sell something online. The bigger the product, the worse it can get. So, when you’re selling a vehicle online you might have a stressful time. Plenty of people will offer you less than your car is worth. Some might even agree to a price but show up to the sale with less, trying to convince you in person. If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have time to waste with any of that. Even if you’re not in a hurry, who wants the bother?

With Cars4us, you can sell your car from home without any hassle. When you call us or fill out a form, we can price your car over the phone with just a bit of information. If the price is satisfactory, we can come to you to confirm the car’s condition and complete the sale. We always pay on the day of the sale, and our payments never take more than a few hours to reach you. It’s often just a few minutes!

We even handle any relevant paperwork for free. You don’t have to worry about transferring the car’s rego over to us; we take care of that. We also handle transferring the rego again when the car is resold. You’ll hear it from our customer testimonials: This really is the best place to sell a car online, totally free. 

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our Promise to You

Have you found it a hassle and source of stress to sell your car fast and for a great price? Many Australians stress out when it’s time to sell a car, with many choosing to sell to a dealer even though they know they won’t get a fair used car valuation or an honest price. But there’s no need to stress or put up with dodgy dealers any longer — those days are long gone. Just call Cars4us and tell us ‘I want to sell my car and I want to get paid fast’ and we’ll give you a free and honest used car valuation that lets you know exactly how much you should get for it. And we’ll buy it from you on the spot. Our trusted service is:


No Waiting! Same day quote, same day inspection and same day payment


We come to you: We do all the work, including inspection, registration, transfer, payment & pickup


Get trusted experts: No more unknown private callers, car dealers or questionable mechanics


Need your car for longer? We’ll even work around your car pick-up timing

Best Price

Get the best price: We pay more than the dealer


Get peace of mind: With our trusted service and best price guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

We transfer payment to you the very same day you agree to sell us your car. Yes, it really is that fast! We pride ourselves on buying cars fast – and that includes getting you your money fast too. We use a trusted, and secure, payment system called OSKO to transfer your funds. It’s so speedy you could get the money from your car sale in less than one minute. It’s accepted by all major, and most smaller, banks, and means you don’t need to wait around for days to get the money from your car sale. So, if you’re looking to sell your car online, and get your money fast, talk to us.

We’ll collect your car on the next business day after the sale. And, most importantly, we’ll make sure the funds are in your account before we do. As soon as you sell your car with us, you can rest assured we’ll put the wheels in motion to arrange the collection without delay. We’ll come to you, wherever you are, at no extra cost. So not only is selling your car with us simple, but it also means you get to avoid the time-wasters, unfair deals and any of that hassle.

We buy all make and models around Australia. Unlike dealerships, we value each and every car from each and every person who enquires with us. We don’t choose to stick with certain brands, and we take care and detail in all our valuations.

We’re lucky enough to call the lucky country home. You’ll find us in every state and territory in Australia. And that makes us one of the most convenient and accessible options for selling your car. Keen to sell your Nissan in NSW? No problem. Need to get rid of a Volkswagen in Victoria? We’ve got you covered. Want a quick online sale of your Skoda in Brisbane? Get in touch.

Because of our national footprint, we can come and value your car wherever you are. And, we’ll even come and pick it up, after the funds are transferred at no extra cost!   We’re here to help you sell your car fast and for a fair price, no matter where in Australia you live.

As a licensed motor trader and leader in the automotive industry, we take care of it all for you, at no extra cost. We take the car out of your name once we know you’ve got your money, and then make sure it moves across to the new owners’ name too.

Selling your car with us is smooth and transparent. We’ll always be honest with you and never hide any details or costs along the way. Keen to know more about the rego transfer process, or any of our other frequently asked questions? Or are you looking for a free valuation? Call us now on 1300 26 26 85.

Not ready to say goodbye just yet? Don’t worry. We know you need your car for errands, school runs and getting to work. That’s why we offer a flexible collection service when you sell your car with us. We can still wrap up the deal right away, but then hold off collection for a time during the week that suits you.