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David PMill Park, Vic

Selling my car was made so easy by the team at Cars4Us. They came to me, offered a fair price and even paid upfront before picking it up at their own expense. 5 stars!!!

Gareth KErskineville, NSW

I enquired to sell my car through Cars4Us and was hesitant, but to my surprise, the price they offered was great and so were the people. It's rare to find someone you feel like you can trust when selling a car, but I definitely found that person in Cars4Us! Quick and easy process.

Sharmini PAnnerley, QLD

I work long hours in the day and with
3 teenagers to deal with after-hours, I always knew selling my car wasn't going to be easy. I was completely wrong! Cars4Us made the sale incredibly easy for me and paid the same day! Thank you so much Cars4Us.

With free valuations, fast payouts and a hassle-free process from start to finish, Cars4Us is the very best place to sell your Jeep in Australia, wherever you may be. Thanks to our nationwide network, we’re able to provide a convenient service to drivers in towns and cities across the country, with same-day offers, inspections, collections and payments available in all areas. Whether you’re looking to sell a Jeep in South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT or the Northern Territory, we can help.

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Sell your Jeep for cash the easy way

It can take weeks or even months to sell a car privately, which is no good if you need the money in a hurry. With Cars4Us, you get a fast payout and a decent price, and we’ll even come and pick your car up once the sale has been agreed upon. Don’t waste any more time searching for tips on ‘how to sell my Jeep’ online: get in touch with us now and we’ll make you an offer for your vehicle.

Sell your Jeep online

With almost all the sale details completed online, you won’t find a more convenient way to turn your Jeep into cash than with Cars4Us. We send an expert to inspect your vehicle before making a final offer — but you don’t even have to leave your home to complete the sale. We’ll make you a firm offer, deal with all the paperwork for you and take your Jeep away once the money has been paid into your account. Sell your Jeep to us and you can avoid all the hassles associated with private used car sales in Australia.

Get more for your Jeep with Cars4Us

We strive to offer the best prices possible for all vehicles we buy. If you want to make sure you get a fair Jeep valuation, Cars4Us is the company to call. Using a combination of current market prices and the condition of your vehicle, we’ll calculate a price that accurately reflects these factors. The prices we offer are normally higher than those offered by local dealers and are always based on the latest information.

Sell your Jeep in 4 simple steps

Enter terms like ‘find someone to buy my Jeep’ or ‘sell my Jeep online’ into a search engine and you’ll no doubt be able to find hundreds of dealers across the country who claim to offer the best service. But none of them will be as fast, simple or convenient as ours:

  • Request a quote – Submit the contact form now and we’ll get back to you without delay.
  • Agree on a price – We’ll make you an offer, which will be more than you could expect from a local dealer. Once you agree, we can finalise the sale.
  • Payment – We send money straight away, using the Osko Payments system.

Paperwork and collection – We’ll sort out the rego transfer and collect your vehicle once you’ve received the money in your bank account.

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I’m Trying to Sell My Jeep Wrangler Yesterday

Hey, we hear you. There can be a lot of unnecessary nonsense involved in selling a car, but we’ve eliminated all the non-essentials. With us, no matter if you are selling a used car or a new car, you can just request a valuation, get a price over the phone, arrange for a confirmation visit, and get the payment if you’re happy with the price, all in one day. We don’t make you wait for a call or for your funds. With us, you could have this whole sale over and done with later today, without any doubts over fair pricing or getting money in time. Doesn’t that sound like it just makes sense?

We’re proud to be the quick-sale company people turn to in urgent times, and we’re humbled to hear what the customer testimonials say: This is the best site to sell a Jeep Wrangler. And also to sell a used or new Audi and Volvo.

The Best Price, No Fight Involved

At Cars4Us, we offer you the best price for your car right away, always beating the dealerships. If that sounds like simple common sense, we agree with you! It is. But that’s not how other businesses do it.

If you’ve had to sell a car the old fashioned way before, you know how it goes. You drive to the dealership, and you prepare yourself to outtalk the smooth salesman waiting for you. You have to ignore all the tempting but unrelated offers they make, and you have to fight to make sure you’re being offered the best price. Even when you do get that price, you often leave wondering whether the sale was fair to you. Who needs the hassle?

You could try the online marketplaces instead, but those are a risk. Some strangers will pester you to lower your price until you block them, and others will agree to your price but arrive at the meetup with less money than agreed upon and try to guilt-trip you. Even when you get a good buyer in an online marketplace, it might take them several days to appear, and you don’t want to burn several days stressing over all this.

With us, none of that is a risk. When you get on the phone with us, the first price you hear will already be the best offer for the car’s make and model. We won’t lowball you; we’re professionals. That’s how to sell a Jeep fast!

We Don’t Make You Wait

When you’re ready to sell, we should be ready to pay. That sounds like it makes sense, too, right? There’s no reason we should delay, so we don’t. We guarantee same-day payment. You’ll never have to wait longer than 24 hours for the funds to reach your account. More likely, it’ll only take a couple of hours or even just a few minutes.

We use OSKO as our payment platform for all our purchases. All major banks and almost all smaller banks in Australia accept transfers through OSKO, so you don’t need to worry about it being reputable or trustworthy. Your money will be sent quickly, securely, and easily to you.

Be Done with the Sale A Couple of Hours from Now

You’re nearly there. You can start to sell your Jeep by filling out our form for a free valuation.

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Why Sell Your Car to Cars4Us?

With hundreds of car buying companies operating in Australia, why do more car owners book a free car valuation and sell their late-model vehicles to Cars4Us than any other? It’s simple — we work hard for our great reputation and all our team members pride ourselves on delivering a car buying service that’s:


Why wait?
We offer same day quotes, same day inspections and same day payments.


Need your car for a little longer?
We’ll work around your schedule to make it super-easy for you.


Leave it all to us:
We take care of everything —inspection, registration transfer, payment & pickup.


We offer the best prices:
Cars4Us offers better prices than anyone else!


Our service provides peace of mind:
No need to give out your number or have strangers visit your home.


We’re trusted car buyers:
Hundreds of car owners trust our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

🚗 How long will I have to wait before my money arrives?

Once all the paperwork has been completed, the money will be transferred to you immediately. This is almost always done on the same day and often within an hour of receiving your initial enquiry. The more information you can provide us with, the faster we can complete the sale and pay you.

🚗 When will you come to collect my Jeep?

In most cases, we can arrange to collect vehicles on the day they are sold. However, if you would prefer to keep hold of your Jeep for a few days longer until your new car arrives, this can normally be arranged. Sell your Jeep for cash to us and we’ll arrange a pick-up time that suits you.

🚗 Are there any Jeep’s you don’t buy?

We don’t have any specific rules with regard to the models we will buy — so please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quotation if you’re not sure. We’ll give you an answer almost immediately and make all the necessary arrangements once a deal has been agreed upon.

🚗 Where are you based?

We have offices in most state capitals across Australia and buy cars from people in all areas of the country. Wherever you are, you can get in touch with us now if you’d like to sell your Jeep at a good price.

🚗 When will the rego transfer take place?

Once you have received the cash for your Jeep in your bank account, we’ll take care of the transfer straight away. Our administration team will handle all the details so there’s nothing for you to worry about — and there is absolutely no charge for this service either.

🚗 Do I need a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC)?

If you sell your Jeep online to us you won’t need a current RWC or a pink slip. As a licensed motor vehicle trader in Australia, we are able to buy cars without this documentation and take possession of them, in full accordance with all applicable laws.

🚗 What if I would like to keep my Jeep for another week?

If you want to sell your Jeep for cash but you need to keep hold of it for another week, that’s fine. We’ll agree to all the terms of the sale now and arrange for it to be picked up at a later date.

Please see our main FAQs page or call us now if you have any more questions.

We buy cars of all makes and models in Australia*

* No older than 2006 with less than 180,000km

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